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we create fun, serious, and crazy games

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Vigo Creative is a video game development studio, focused on entertainment and training in virtual reality. We specialize in creating accessible immersive experiences. We develop various games, including arcade or serious games, complex multiplayer solutions in free-roaming and advertising experiences. We have released more than 10 games since 2017, specifically tailor-made for our customers. With our small, creativity-filled team, our goal is to evoke strong emotions through the creation of fun or serious and accessible virtual reality games for everyone.



Our Services

VR development

We develop fun and immersive games for PCVR, stand alone helmet and LBE plateform.

Serious game

We use VR as a powerful tool for professional training.


We propose consulting services in specific area like virtual reality or Unity development.

Work for hire

We can share our experience and work with your team on your video game or interactive application project.

In production
Our games

The Smurfs, Blueberry Battle

Players take on the roles of Smurfs. They are immersed in the Village during the Blueberry Festival. But the Village is disrupted by Gargamel's visit and his evil companions. The players must try to scare them away with their slingshot.
The game is developed for standalone VR headsets or PCVR, supporting free-roaming or fixed versions for up to 10 players.

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In production
Our games

Thor's Wrath

Thor's Wrath is a solo defense and combat game. The player embodies a formidable and somewhat brute warrior. Armed with Thor's mighty hammer, the player must face hordes of enemies alone while protecting the city's treasures. The goal is to climb to the top of the best warrior rankings. The real challenge lies in the ability to wield the hammer or cast spells with precision while safeguarding the treasures.
Thor's Wrath offers immediate entertainment, is a highly accessible game with different levels of complexity and features innovative game mechanics.

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Go back to childhood for a moment with our crazy rocking horses. On the back of a space unicorn, embark on this frantic race! Swing back and forth to move forward as quickly as possible and cross the finish line first. This game was developed for LBE but also traveled to Dubai in the heart of the Belgian pavilion during the universal expo

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Our games

More games



The big tournament

In 2120, technological progress gives birth to a new world where each inhabitant has his own robot avatar to play matches in a huge arena. V-RAY is a free-roaming multiplayer e-sport game in virtual reality where players compete with laser beams. This game was developed for LBE with the Antilatency tracking technologie.

  • img Esport/Shooter
  • img Multiplayer
  • img Free roaming/LBE

The Saloon

Wild West Panic!

Panic has taken over The Saloon, and the village relies on you and your exceptional shooting skills! Arm yourself with your rifle and dive into an exciting cowboy training. Armed with your gun, you'll have to showcase your shooting talents by scoring as many points as possible while avoiding hitting the wrong targets.This game was developed for LBE, fairs, exhibitions and event.

  • img Far West/Shooter
  • img Solo
  • img Ideal for event

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is a short multiplayer time trial. Standing on futuristic skateboard, budding surfers need to be quick and agile to hope to reach the top of the rankings. Speed bonuses may allow them to reach the finish line before their opponents.This game was developed for LBE, fairs, exhibitions and event.

  • img Race
  • img Duo
  • img Ideal for event

Penalty game

Life an experience fully FOOTBALL! Use your hands and your feet to catch the shots in the maze. You may become the future Thibault Courtois. This game was developed for fairs, exhibitions and event.

  • img Sport
  • img Solo
  • img Ideal for event

The Magician

Dive into a zombie apocalypse! Use different attacks to kill enemies : raise your hand and lower it to launch a fireball, join your hands behind you to attack with a laser, bend your knees and your arms to freeze zombies. This game was developed for fairs, exhibitions and event.

  • img Horror
  • img Solo
  • img Ideal for event

Baby Thor

Play as the famous god of thunder. Your mission ? Exterminate the enemies that arrive on both sides of the deserted street where you where landed using your hammer.The harder you hit, the more damage and points you will do! This is the very first version of our game Thor created in 2016 for fairs, exhibitions and event.

  • img Fight / Action
  • img Solo
  • img Ideal for event